What is Vand ke Chakna?

The phrase “Vand ke chakna” refers to a principle set forth by Guru Nanak, the first Sikh guru, and roughly translate to “sharing one’s wealth with others”. Though this phrase is commonly used in the context of Sikhism, the idea is common to all faiths and is something all people of all faiths can relate to and practice. On it’s surface the phrase refers to the sharing not only one’s monetary wealth, but also one’s time and efforts to help others.

There are of course deeper roots to this principle, but for now I will share only one suc thought. On a deeper level “Vand ke chakna” is a concept that that connects one with their fellow beings and with oneself when practiced. Afterall, who doesn’t feel good after they help another person or animal that is in need. Actively practicing this principle brings one closer to achieving the ideals the Gurus set forth.

During the lives of the 10 Gurus of Sikhism this principle was commonly practiced in the form of langar (free community kitchen) and the practice of giving one tenth of one’s income to charity, also known as dasvand. Moving forward and onwards as a community under the 11th guru, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, there is a need to rethink how we can practice and expand upon the principle of Vand ke Chakna. Practice of this principle in gurdwaras is not enough, as we move to and thrive in other countries outside India. We must strive to actively practice this principle within the larger community of humanity. It is with this thought in mind that this site was brought into existence by Guru’s grace.